Monday, September 10, 2012

Changing a 99-04 GT Mustang to a show stopper by adding a Roush body kit and side exhaust

We started out with a bone stock 99 Mustang GT. While some like a stock look, it just didn't work for us

To fix the look we turned to Roush Performance for their all inclusive body kit, which includes a beautiful performance side exhaust kit, all the necessary hardware and easy to follow directions, for the novice mechanic. I'd like to point out I've installed 100's of body kits and most kit require little to extreme modification to fit properly. This kit however, required absolutely no modifications to fit. Really it was the most simple straight forward install to date.

Start with the front bumper as this will take the most time to remove. There is a handful of screws holding the lower dust shield/skid plate in place if your car still has it (ours did not). Two more bolts under the headlight in the fender well and a few more on the grill area makes quick work of removing the bumper.

Side skirts are even simpler 4 screws, two in front and two in the back. The main body is held on by clips and a good pull removed out pretty easy.

Simply reversing the order of removal using the newly supplied pieces and the car is almost ready for paint. The exhaust simply replaces the factory catback and uses all factory exhaust mounts for easy simple fit. Fogs lights were optional but again Roush did a great job of making them plug-n-play and perfectly match the front bumper with no modification.

With the addition a hood, 20" cobra r's and some nice ford racing blue, the car looks totally different then before with only a couple hours install time and relatively stress free swap. Great project for anyone wanting a custom look for their stock ride.

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