Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1968 Mustang Coupe Project - Part 1

 Ever thought of finding a hidden treasure of a car, buried or tucked away in some forgotten lawn or barn? Well we did and while what we start with is less then what I would call a car, this long term yard art only cost us about $250 including title transfer fees and purchase price. Yes, it look like a disaster or some form or abstract art, but in the next few post you see it go from death trap to lean machine.

Step 1 - was pretty straight forward, stripping off what was left of the paint, removing the surface rust, cleaning out years of nasty inside and out and assembling what we got in boxes to see what we had and didn't have of the car. We soon realized the car, while looking terrible, wasn't actually to bad. Using a 6" grinder with a wire wheel and a 4" grinder with some flap disc made quick work of the surface rust. A few hidden patch panels, some accident damage in the rear and the normal rust spots were the highlights of bad news, which for a 44 year old car ain't to bad. To protect our newly uncovered metal, we used a weld through primer and sealer. This way we would get any more rust while we work and the weld through primer will allow us to weld with out removing it. Stay tuned for more posts......

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