Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Good/The Bad/The Ugly - Car Projects....

The hardest part about a full custom car project, is that it can take years to finish if doing it on your own. No one ever said customizing was easy, if it were everyone would do it. The important part is know that fear of the project is all mental. If you mess something up it can be repaired, replaced or redone better. Often times I find that the first round of doing something is like a rough draft. Each time its redone it gets a little better. The most important part of any project is time, have patients. Know that you probably won't finish it all in a day, week or even years depending on the complexity. Just focus on small goals and before you know it your car will be done. There is gonna be set backs, problems that seem unsolvable and a bolt of two that's made its own mind about being loosened or tightened, its just part of the project. Every car has problems like these, not just yours. Take it from someone who has build a large number. Lastly, enjoy yourself. The build shouldn't be one of stress and worry. Yes, driving the car will be fun but creating it from something completely stock can be just as good, if not better. There is probably not greater feeling at a car show or on the street, then people stopping/starring or outright admiring your car. That you built, so I encourage you to start your own project and send us the pics and your progress we'd love to share with our readers!

Email your pics and progress to bsmith4037@gmail.com and we'll post up your ride

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