Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tired Of Road Noise And Exhaust Heat - Hush Mat To The Rescue!

Tires of hear the humming/buzzing sound of your tires? How about the heat of your custom exhaust bleeding through your floor boards? Maybe the sound of Florida's relentless rain on your roof or just wanna hear your sound system more over the sound of everyday outside noise. Well Its an easy fix, sound deadener and insulation will take care of all of that. Although only a few companies combined the two. Hush mat ads must need sound prevention for out side sources as well as, an up to 40% reduction in radiant heat sources like exhaust.

This is an easy to use product, simply cut to fit, peel the backing and apply. Using a little elbow muscle the handle end of a screw driver or a roller if available with form fit this to virtually any surface. The beauty of this is you can also use on  your doors, floors and even your roof for ultimate noise and heat reduction.

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