Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1995 Twin Turbo 331ci V8 Ranger Project - Part 1

Our newest project is a 95' Ranger with some mods already done. Originally it was  a standard 4 cyl 2.3l fleet side Ranger. When we got it, it already had a stroked and nitrous ready 331V8, a fuel cell and battery in the bed and possibly the worst wiring of any vehicle ever. The plans are full change from what you see above. Exterior wise: new paint, rims, mini tub, 4-link rear suspension, wood bed, drop the tank and battery underneath the bed. Interior wise we're changing the ratty blue interior to black and painted to match accents, custom center console, custom gauge cluster, and racing seats with 5-point harnesses and 4-point cage. Performance is where things are going to get interesting. We're beefing up the 331 with 1.7 lifters, bigger turbo grind cam, twin T4 turbos, feeding a massive inner cooler and new victor jr. intake manifold. Complete rewire, adding in keyless entry, new 3" exhaust, twin high volume fuel pumps, new twin flex-a-lite fan, new quick fuel carb and replacing the old 2-piece driveshaft with a light weight 1 piece aluminum one. Here's a few pics of what we're starting with....

This is what the truck looked like originally from the factory.

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