Sunday, September 9, 2012

USF car meet 2.0

Checked out the USF car meet for the second time. Although its a $5 entry per person, there's a raffle for gas cards that makes it worth the money. I have to admit the show hasn't failed to impress yet, lots of nice friendly people. A wide variety of cars, modifications and new this time car contests. There were four classes (best daily driver, best exhaust, best show car, and best car outright ). While they definitely need to organise the voting/showing part of the classes, for a first time it went pretty smooth I thought. Among the stand outs were a very nice 280z Datsun with a rear mount turbo charged ls1 swap, a rb35 swapped 240sx, a clean classic Camaro, a bagged Scion TC and a couple nice Supras.

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