Friday, September 5, 2014

Making the 68's center console from scratch!

Sure you can buy a prebuilt console to fit your needs, but where's the fun in that! On this update I show you from start to finish the creation of our custom mustang center console.

I wanted something a little different but still had that somewhat classic feel. To do this I went full length console, attaching to the bottom of the dash rather then the radio din. This allows the use of the radio slot for our Autometer gauge pod and giving ample room to add as many features as we wish. Starting like our other console builds using a piece of card board I roughed out the basic slope and angle of the console. After transferring that template to a piece of 1/2 MDF, I used a jigsaw to cut out matching sides. For cross support I used a light and strong 2"x 2" pine. You can use what ever materials you wish. I choose these for their cost and the ease of modifying them. additionally the MDF is easy to resin for a smooth painted look or work well with most glues if covering with fabric.

If you notice the inlay strip of MDF, that's so the top panel when wrap will sit a a specific height with out need for screws or fasteners giving a much cleaner look. Below you can see where I test fit the top portion to see where things were best put. This way everything is out of the way and at its optimal position for the driver.

 To finish it off, I use a sample matched black carpet for the sides and black suede for the top portion to tie in the headliner and seats. The multiple cup holders work well and the radio is tucked up out of the way but still easily used and read. Over all I'm pretty happy with the outcome, but may resin and color match to the black painted dash.

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