Monday, September 24, 2012

Past Rides - 1997 Honda Accord H22 Turbo 475hp - Part 3

After sanding and degreasing the car thoroughly, we masked it off using masking paper and painters tape. Starting with a base coat of Europrimer. It was sprayed about 3 times then sanded again. The spray a few more times and sanded one more final time before final primer layer.

Using a house of color yellow we repeated the same process as the primer. Once we were done with the color, we color sanded and proceeded with the clear. The more clear the deeper the look, but be careful, to many layer it may start to crack. lastly we buffed any orange peel for a glass smooth look.
For the engine bay we taped off the back half of the car and used a single stage black paint to finish it off.

Back from paint, the reassembly began. Since our panels were already complete we made quick work of putting it back in. And since we were going all out we modified the airbag and headrests to accept a 5" TV, just because we could. lol

The H22a got the following: fresh machining, crower crank, rods and je pistons, ferrea titanium valve train with stage 3 race ported head and 3 angle valve job, custom T4 turbo manifold with T3/T4 turbo, AEM rail and ported to match intake manifold.

With the motor in, we began final assembly. While we waited on the rims and the new body kit we went ahead and got our "break in" period over. Even barely getting on the gas, it was obvious the H22 loved the boost. I'd say it was the hardest 500 miles I've ever driven (only because I wanted to mash the gas every chance I got)

This is the final product. A dyno proven 475 hp turbo H22a. 

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