Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Indecisive About Painting Your Car? Here Is An Idea!

Can't pick a color, wanna try something crazy or something completely custom with out the dramatic price of custom airbrushing? Then Vinyl maybe for you. About five years ago vinyl wraps were virtually unheard of, but they have seen became extremely popular. Not only is the cost minimal, but you can make any design and install it yourself in about a day. Change you mind about it, decide you want something new? No sweat it simply peels off and with a quick wash and wax leaves your paint looking as good as new. Where do you find wraps? Well Skins is among the largest, but its out of state here in FL. No worries, thanks to technology most of your vinyl shops can now make you any design you want, from mild to wild!

Installation is pretty simple. Simply fill a spray bottle with water and a dab of dish soap (this will allow you to position the vinyl with out sticking). Use a squeegee or any thing flexible and some what stiff to work out the bubbles. Starting from the front. Lay down a good mist of soapy water from the spray bottle and lay down the first portion of the vinyl. Using your squeegee slowly work out the bubbles laying your vinyl smooth and wrinkle free. Once in position using a heat gun on low or a blow dryer will set the vinyl for good.

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