Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Past Rides - 1997 Honda Accord H22 Turbo 475hp - Part 1

Starting with a mostly stock 1997 Honda Accord, the only exception being the tint, 17" Neeper rims and clear corners. We changed it completely several times and here is what we did. 
Under the hood started with your basic mods. Cold air intake, OBX header, MSD wires and some cosmetic touches.

 Then we got a little crazy.... stripping down the car to literally bare frame, we started modifying it. First removing the door guards which need to be welded shut, sanding and prepping the car for new paint and fixing all the blemishes in the body. Then we pulled the motor, trans and all the engine accessories for a brand new JDM power plant.

 While we waited on body parts, engine and paint. We turned to the interior. Recovering the panels in color matched vinyl to the paint we ordered. Since the new engine needed several new gauges and there is no after market support for Accords at the time, we custom mounted them to the dash  using Autometer cups. The indiglo style gauges from Autometer had been created yet, so we used the white faced phantoms and LED blue bulbs to give it the same effect. For a little more lighting flare at events, we also added blue leds in the vents, pockets and floor boards for more attention grabbing.

In the next segment the engine arrives, body parts start to show up and the car get a fresh new paint job!

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