Thursday, September 20, 2012

Past Rides - 1997 Honda Accord H22 Turbo 475hp - Part 2

This was a while ago and to my knowledge one of the first St.Pete, FL H22 swaps. We actually had to go through an overseas parts broker to get the motor, and as you can see we were a little surprised when half a car showed up. The Best part was the car actually ran with a little gas in it! We quickly stripped off the goodies and go to work on fitting our new body panels next. 

The Body Kit fit less then perfect, in fact it required a ton of modifying especially in the rear bumper. Using a die grinder, some well place screws and even cutting and remolding a few places got ti sitting right on the car. Having done several more kits since then, I've learned a few things I'll share. Urethane / duraflex/ proflex/ abs composites are 100 times better the fiberglass will ever be. Fits better, conforms better, crack and break resistant hands down spend the extra and get the better material.

Next Paint And Motor Installed!!!!

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