Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1995 Ranger Part 2 -The Tear Down

To get to this point wasn't easy, but it was a LOT OF FUN!

Starting with the wiring we removed what seemed to be and endless amount of wire, butt connectors and electrical tape. Making sure we didn't cut, tear or remove anything with out a label or where and what it was connected to.
This is what it looked like when we finally got it all out and the aftermarket stuff all removed.

 Next we tackled the dash, 4 bolts along the window, 2 on the floor boards and one in each door jamb, made it an easy removal. Unfortunately removing the steering wheel, attached wiring and several fragile plastic panels, did not.

With the dash gone, we made quick work of removing the other panels, door skins, seat belts and center console. Now that everything was out we took the time to use some Hushmat to insulate everything, since this truck had none and you could tell it whenever it rained or was hot out. Next we laid out our EZ- wiring harness to get an idea of how and where everything would be routed, mounted and what holes needed to be made or filled. 
Here how to make a center console, like the one we mocked up for this truck.

And Since we have the interior out we went ahead and started our color change,
which you can see here:

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