Tuesday, December 4, 2012

1995 Ranger Project - Engine Cleanup & Prep

Our Ranger project engine had seen better days looks wise. Once a nicely painted red, mock ups, changes and problems needing solving had done their best to tarnish this gems appearance. So, we fixed that and gave it a face lift to match the trucks new outward appearance. 

Starting by again degreasing the entire block, removing the old manifold (which wouldn't be being used again), removing the accessories, headers and also the distributor. This left us with a mostly bare block and heads, which we then taped off to allow the re-color. We also added a Victor Jr manifold and a
hi-output water pump from Edelbrock, along with a set of header for out turbo system.

Before painting anything DEGREASE, DEGREASE, DEGREASE!!!!!  The motor will have oils, lubes, gasket maker, sealant and god knows what else on it so a thorough bath will be need first and up most. And because, we are using multiple colors its important to layer the tape correctly. Since the heads and oil pan are mostly smooth its easiest to paint these first, so you don't have to worry about taping off the block any over spray will be covered up later by its color. Once they are painted use masking tape to cover the areas you don't want painted the second color, like you see above. We went with satin black heads, oil pan and water pump with a Dupi-Color copper block, the result you can see below is amazing.

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