Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reverse Light Reduction, LED Style

Our project '68 came with what I describe as stadium sized reverse lights. While they do no real harm, I wanted a sleeker and new age look. I would have liked to integrate them into the tail light housing. Unfortunately they don't currently offer a clear lens which would allow this modification. So instead, I opted for the next best thing. Super small and even brighter LED lights.

These super bright white LEDs are about a 1/4 of the size and yet twice as noticeable when activated. Even better then draw less currently and the hookup is incredibly simple. All for a cost of $6

To install, started with removing the factory reverse lights. They bolt in from the backside of the valance. Removing those 2 bolts is all that is needed to remove the light. Then unhook the wiring harness at the connection and pull out.

The new LEDs have a simple rubber grommet that holds it in place. This allows placement almost anywhere you wish. I choose next to the plate, where its out of the way and once the car is painted black with disappear until activated.

Just had to drill out the the 5/8 hole. Run the wire through and push into place. That's it for the mounting. Next I used the factory harness to supply them with power so they worked exactly like the factory lights did.

As seen in our patch panel article. The old reverse light holes were then filled in. Giving our ride a nice sleek look.

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