Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Custom keyless setup on our 68 mustang

Just because our ride is a classic doesn't mean we can enjoy the conveniences of today.
One of the best being keyless entry for a quick get in on our rainy Florida days. Now adding
a modern convenience like this to a classic car can be tricky, since it was never designed to have
it. But with a little piece of sheet medal, a quick spot weld or two and a few screws.
We can add this modern convenience cleanly and easily.

On a newer car you can use the factory lock rods to add this feature, but since our classic has neither electronic locks nor a lot of room in the door. We came up with a bracket that mounts the actuator out of the way and securely in the door.

First step:
I used a piece of scrap 16 gauge sheet metal to form my bracket.
Just a simple 90ยบ bend that I angle cut for extra clearance in the door.

A few spot welds attaches the bracket to the latch. You can also screw this to the latch using a small hole and flush mount screw if you can't weld. Then we painted the bracket.

After marking all our actuator holes for drilling with a marker. We drilled them out
using a small metal drill bit and attached the actuator to the bracket via the drilled holes.

We just placed back in the door in the stock location and done!!

Our classic now has keyless entry, easy as cake for around $25 in sheet metal, paint and actuators.

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