Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How To Tech - Sport Bike Tune Up

Like all things your bike needs regular maintenance just like a car. While this may seem like
a task left to professionals, its really not a big deal. So, without further delay.
Here is how to perform a basic tune-up on your sport bike. 

Todays Tech Tips Are Being Performed On An R6, other bike may vary slightly,
but the overall effort and general locations of spark plugs and air filter will remain the same.

Start by removing the seat. You will need to raise the tank to get to the plugs and filter and the seat won't allow this movement until removed. There are always at least to bolts holding the seat in, once removed seat should easily lift off. If not check for a hidden bolt possibly under the seat like these.

Next remove the upper air duct covers. These being off will make later steps a lot simpler.
Again they are just held on by to small screws and easily lift off.
With seat and covers removed, remove the two tank bolts located on the front of the tank securing it to the frame.
Once out lift the tank and use the prop rod (if you have it) or a long extension to secure the tank in
an upright position higher the better.
This is what you'll see under the tank. It may vary slightly depending on the make of the bike,
but air box should be the majority of the undercarriage at this point.
Remove the 8 or so screws securing the cover down to expose the filter. As you can see ours was pretty dirty. Once off go ahead and ditch the filter as well (we are not reusing this) if you have a k&n or reusable filter already you can clean and reuse

 Loosen the two screws on either side of the ram air tubes and remove

With tubes out, remove the bolt securing the air box in place and lift up to gain access
to the breather lines connecting to it.
There are 4 air lines and one sensor to remove. One in the back, a couple on each side and the air temp
sensor just pulls out gently. if it doesn't free check to make sure it doesn't screw in.

This is what you should have below the air box.

The plugs are below the little rubber flap. Though it is a tight area to work in. You should be able to fit a 3/8 ratchet in their with no problems. To remove the coils. unclip the wire and pull up using a twisting motion. These are on the very tight to prevent water from entering some some force will be needed.
This is the coil, once removed check for any damage or corrosion in the plug end that may suggest the need for replacement. Better to do it now if needed then later, since you have it apart.

These plugs have about 8-9000 miles on them. As you can see the electrode is misshapen and worn.
but we have good coloration which means the tune is correct and proper air/fuel mix is in each chamber. 
With new plugs installed, reverse the steps above. if your reusing or replacing your air filter remember to read the instructions. This K & N model requires a piece be cut from it before use, other may require slight mods as well.

And That Completes A Basic Tune Up.
Next week we'll show you how to change the oil. and show you  how to adjust, replace and maintenance the chain.

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